Astroglide Water Based Condom Compatible Lubricant 2.5oz

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Developed to mimic the body's natural lubrication, Astroglide Personal Water Based Lubricant has a super-slick formula. It enhances comfort and acts to temporarily relieve vaginal dryness. A silky smooth, long-lasting personal lubricant, it's compatible with natural rubber latex condoms for enhanced pleasure and reduced risk of condom breakage. It goes a long way with a single application and easily washes off clean with water. Astroglide liquid is a water-based slick, not sticky lubricant that everyone can enjoy alone or with a partner. Keep it on hand in the bedroom for increased comfort, fun and sexual pleasure.
Astroglide Personal Water Based Lubricant, 2.5 oz:

  • Water based formula
  • Long-lasting personal lubricant goes a long way with a single application
  • Slick, not sticky, mimicking the body's natural lubrication
  • Easy clean-up with soap and water
  • Condom compatible (natural rubber latex condoms only)
  • Won't stain clothing, fabrics or surfaces
  • Temporarily relieves vaginal dryness
  • Reduces risk of condom breakage
  • Reduces friction and increases sexual pleasure
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