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Today's Deal is one of mystery!

This isn't our normal "Mystery Box Deal"  You will know the size of your box ahead of time based on how many you buy.  The box will be filled with adult novelties, games, toys, and literature.  If you want to get your holiday shopping done here is a way to buy lots of presents all at one time.  Every box will have multiple items and be filled with excitment.  It doesn't matter if you are buying for someone you like or a white elephant there will be something for everyone to enjoy.  For even more mystery just wrap the box on arrival so you and the recipient both find out at the same time what you got them.  This is ideal for Christmas, Kwanza, Channukah, Festivus, Thanksgivikah  or just about any other holiday.  Just remember you decide what size box we determine what will be in the box.  

Buy 1 get a Small Flat Rate Box shipped

Buy 3 get a Medium Flat Rate Box shipped

Buy 5 get a Large Flat Rate Box shipped

Repeat as necessary

Buy 6 get a Small Flat Rate Box and a Large Flat Rate Box Shipped 

Buy 8 get a Medium Flat Rate Box and a Large Flat Rate Box Shipped 

Buy a lot of these and we might just send it as a shipping crate or pallet.