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Frequently Asked Questions  

What is your return policy?  

DildooftheDay.com and DOTD LLC offer ABSOLUTELY NO RETURNS. If you feel that you have received the wrong product please contact us at sales@dildooftheday.com  

What is the cost of shipping?  

The shipping cost is a fixed $5.00 per item.   

Who is DOTD LLC?  

We are a DBA for a number of retail and service based websites including DildooftheDay.com.   

When will the next product be up for sale?   The product is for sale for a 24 hour period or when it sells out whichever comes first. The next item will be here tomorrow  

What is this mystery box thing?   It is exactly what you think.  You are buying a box of unknown goodies.  We buy a tremendous amount of toys to get you the best deals.  We have to have enough on hand to honor your purchases.  Sometimes we buy too much and sometimes we get 1 off deals where there is not enough product to make it a daily deal.  So we hold it back for these infrequent Mystery Box Sales.  If you are lucky enough to get a box we know our box will satisfy yours.  MYSTERY BOXES WILL NOT SHIP IN A TIMELY MANNER USUALLY THEY SHIP 15-30 DAYS AFTER PURCHASE.  If you order a mystery box and email customer service with questions about shipping of Mystery Boxes will not be replied to.   

How does the Free Day work?    I think this is somewhat self explanatory.  Our cost to ship each item is generally between 3-15 bucks so we simply charge you $5 per Free Day item purchase.  We are losing money on every sale to generate site traffic and with the hope you come back and buy again.  Additionally we normally ship within 2 weeks of the purchase of an item… Free Day is an exception.  Items are shipped 3-4 weeks (20-30 days) after purchase. FREE DAY PURCHASES WILL NOT SHIP IN A TIMELY MANNER USUALLY THEY SHIP 20-30 DAYS AFTER PURCHASE.  If you order a Free Day and email customer service with questions about shipping of Mystery Boxes will not be replied to. 

Why is it that we ship these so late???

It is simple since we are losing money on this sale and most of our customers quickly become repeat customers.  We are hoping that you buy again and we can combine shipment of your next purchase with the Free Day item thus saving us money on shipping costs (We lose less money this way).  We hope you understand that we use the Free Day as marketing...we would also like to minimize our losses on this sale.  The items shipped are completely up to our sales and shipping department.  Items pictured on the site during the Free Day are strictly for illustrative purposes.  

Why did my order ship with someone else's at my house?   

Because shipping is expensive!  We simply combine orders that are shipping to the same address.  Why...because to be a price leader we need to reduce expenses to keep our costs ultra competitive.  We also must do it in a way that does not negatively impact service.  

You have great deals but what if I want something very specific?  

We want to hear from you!  We have a custom order tab at the top of the page.  Many of our customers want to use our bulk buying capabilities to receive substantial discounts on their favorite toys.  Whether you are looking for Fetish, Anal, Standard Dildos, Clothing, or any other adult toy we work with many suppliers to ensure a wide selection.  Some of our best daily deals are suggestions from users like you.  

Is that price a misprint?   

I hope not!  We get great prices based on our sales volume.    

Why is the price in the cart different than the price it says?

Simple the deal is not active.  Our system will still process the transaction and ship your item.  If the price in the cart is not what you are going to pay don't click proceed.  Usually this is caused by finding a deal that has been Cached by a search engine.  We apologize in advance for this confusion.  

How long does it take to get my stuff?   Wow that is tough one!  Our shipments are sent in 30 days or less.  When the shipment is sent an automated message will be sent confirming that this task has been completed.  If you do not get an e-mail confirming our shipment and it has been 30 days or longer please contact us.  Most of our customers will receive their order in 14 days or less. We will notify you if there is a delay on our end.  Rest assured that customer service is very important to us.  We have always taken care of our customers.  

I live in Canada anything I should know before I buy? 

Canadian Shipping Issues and Fees. We are not currently shipping to Canada.  When we do the following policies will again be in force. Any shipment going into Canada valued at 20.01 will have fees assessed by customs and brokerage.  Our prices do not include Duties, Taxes, or Brokerage fees.   

How do I cancel an order? 

You don't.  Once an order is placed it reserves the item and others cannot buy it. Sometimes the order is being fulfilled by a 3rd party and once the order is placed the data is sent  to them and we can't undo the transaction. When you press the order button please be absolutely sure you want the item.    

What if I have additional questions?  

Feel free to click on the contact us section at the top of this page.  We are really slow but we are also cheap.  There is an old saying you can have good, fast, and cheap which two matter most to you.  We sell really good product really cheap.  That said nothing is fast with us.  Thank you for understanding.

Why is this FAQ so long?

Because there are a lot of you asking a lot of questions.