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!!!100 Condoms!!!


One of our best sellers is back today!



Today only with every purchase we will donate $5.00 to Seattle's Pride Foundation

While sex with a condom kinda sucks and is expensive the safe way to go. If you are lucky enough to get laid regularly, and don't want a to get a STD or be the girl in the image. We can help you get laid and not break the bank. For $20.00 plus $5.00 S&H, you will get 100 condoms.


Deal Details:

This deal is 100 NEW (UNUSED) condoms for only $20 plus S&H! Yes we did have to specify that these are new and unused because with this price we actually got e-mails asking if these are new condoms. Really who sells used condoms? And "they" say there is no such thing as a stupid question. I think asking "are you selling new condoms" or "are those condoms used" qualify as dumb questions. Well that is enough to get the point across. These are Gents Brand condoms with expirations in 2015, 2016, and 2017 giving you time to find the right girl(s) or guy(s).


Try to beat getting "some" for under a quarter!


501c3 non-profit using these for public health purposes please email adam@dildooftheday.com to buy condoms at a subsidized rate.


Order 4 (that is 400 condoms) get 25 bonus condoms on us! Place 9 orders (that is 900 condoms) we will round up and give 1000. Now that is a lot of safe sex!!!


**DOTD LLC believes in safe sex. While contraceptives and condoms are not 100% effective. when used correctly/properly they can help reduce the risk of disease or pregnancy.**